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Polymer 5 formulates and compounds a range of specialty additive concentrates for the thermoplastics industry.  Our concentrates are used as process aids or performance enhancers in automotive sound dampers, sealers, gaskets, food & personal care packaging, housewares, toys, films, and wire & cable insulation.

Our extrusion compounding operations have been designed with our target customers in mind.  Small lot production, quick turnaround time, and excellent process control are just a few of the demanding criteria used to design our production lines.  Both single and twin screw extrusion equipment is used.

A wide variety of auxiliary equipment is available to meet even the most demanding extrusion applications.  Our processing equipment is the finest available and equipped with state of the art process controls.

Polymer 5 offers both Chemical and Physical Blowing agents including CellFoam –H, our novel, water based blowing agent.  Download Information:  News Release, CellFoam PDS, ANTEC Paper

In addition to blowing agents, Polymer 5 also manufactures masterbatch compounds.  Our superior “vehicles” permit us to integrate greater functionality within an additive masterbatch while increasing concentrations and lowering compound costs.  Our masterbatches provide an effective means of delivering difficult to handle materials to our customers in a convenient, safe and economic form.


 Breakthrough Performance:

  • Heat stability analysis for pigments and colorants
  • Colorant/resin system evaluations for both liquid and pellet concentrates
  • Color comparisons for both pigments & dyes
  • Computerized color measurement using spectrophotometers
  • Designed experiments studying the effect of injection molding variables on color and appearance of molded parts

 Materials Processed:

  • Commodity resins including polyolefins and styrenics
  • Engineering resins including: nylon, polyesters, ABS, acetals, and others

Material Preparation:

  • Materials can be processed through conventional letdowns (resin/pigment blend)
  • Materials can be pre-compounded using single & twin screw extrusion or fluxing mixer (Gelimat)

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