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Polytechs is among the largest independent compounders on the European continent.  Since 1980, Polytechs has been developing and producing specialty compounds and masterbatches which improve properties and processing of plastics materials.  Polytechs has grown steadily at 10% per year and currently has an annual capacity of over 35,000 metric tons per year.

Polytech’s core business is custom toll compounding.  Polytechs also has a growing business developing, manufacturing and marketing a range of additive masterbatches of which some – cling masterbatches for example – have a leading position in the market.




·  Anti-static

·  Anti-fog

·  Anti-slip

·  Anti-block

·  Clarifying

·  Combibatches

·  Cling

·  Infra-red

·  Flame Retardant

·  Process Aids

·  Purge

·   UV Stabilizers


·  Viscosity Modifier

·  Stiffening

·  Slip




PIB Cling Masterbatch (PW52, PW60 and PW66):                         

PW52, PW60 and PW66 are concentrates of Polyisobutylene (PIB) tackifier designed to produce stretch film from LLDPE, LDPE or other polyolefins for the applications of palletwrap, silagewrap and foodwrap.  PW52, PW60 and PW66 can be used in both blown or cast film processes.  All are dry, free flowing pellets.  Migration time for good cling properties is typically 24-48 hours..  Download Information:  PW52, PW60, PW66, MSDS

Atactic Polypropylene Masterbatch (PX 004/V):                          

PX004 is a fully saturated ethylene-propylene copolymer at 55% concentration in LLDPE.  Principle use is as a cling additive to produce low noise stretch film.  It also has use as a carrier for pigments & fillers and as a process aid & impact modifier in polyamide.         Download Information:  PX 004/V

Purge Compounds (Clean LDPE, Clean LLDPE, Clean HDPE and Clean PP)

Clean LDPE is a purge compound containing a high mixture of mechanical and chemical cleaning agents on a LDPE base resin.  It is used to reduce the cleaning time with PE or PVC resins, while extruding films, cables, compounds & masterbatches or for an injection molding process.  The use of Clean LDPE just before dismantling an extrusion line can reduce cleaning times by more than 50%.  It also significantly reduces the amount of scrap generated. Clean HDPE and Clean PP are particularly adapted for HDPE and PP extrusion, respectively.  Download Information:  CleanLDPE, CleanLLDPE, CleanHDPE, CleanPP, MSDS

Viscosity Modifiers (VM PP 5X and VM PP10X)                            

VM PP 5X and VM PP 10X are masterbatches containing 5% and 10% of a DTBPH Peroxide. They are used to increase the melt flow index (MFI) of polypropylene and at the same time narrow the molecular weight distribution.  Download Information:  VMPP5X, VMPP10X

For more information about Polytechs and their products, please visit the Polytechs web site.  Compound Solutions, Inc. (CSI) is the exclusive distributor for Polytechs products in North America.  We operate a warehouse in the Charlotte, NC area and generally supply LTL orders from that location. 



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