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Teijin Aramid




The Power of Aramid:                   stronger, safer, sustainable

Teijin Aramid is the leader in the world of aramids. With four different aramids in a variety of formats, Teijin can offer customers not only the greatest range of product properties, but also an unrivalled level of knowledge and experience when it comes to innovation.

What is Aramid?

The term “aramid” is short for “aromatic polyamide”. Aramid fibers are man-made high-performance fibers. Their molecules are characterized by relatively rigid polymer chains, linked by strong hydrogen bonds that transfer mechanical stress. This permits the use of chains of relatively low molecular weight. Aromatic polyamides were first applied commercially as meta-aramid fibers in the early 1960s, and para-aramid fibers were subsequently developed in the 1960s and 1970s.

Products and Applications

Twaron® and Technora® aramid fibers meet the increasing demand for stronger, lighter and more compact plastic components that need to operate at higher speeds and temperatures without compromising on durability.

Minimum maintenance, maximum endurance

Used as an additive, Twaron offers minimum maintenance and maximum endurance. Not only does it have excellent thermal and chemical resistance, but it also greatly reduces the wear of plastics components, without negatively affecting the frictional coefficient or abrasion of the counter materials. What’s more, Twaron’s dosability has been dramatically improved, making it relatively simple to enhance the performance of your plastic products.


Just like Twaron, Technora considerably enhances the abrasion resistance of engineering plastics and can be easily dosed. Technora is a good choice in applications where mechanical properties such as additional strength and stiffness are also required. Twaron and Technora are available in a variety of lengths, ranging from 0.25mm to 6mm. Twaron is also available as a fine powder.


General Properties of Twaron®.




Hot Air Shrinkage (15 min. @ 190°C)



Heat Resistance (48 h @ 200°C)



Decomposition Temperature



Coefficient of Thermal Expansion



Fiber Density




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